McCain, McCain… a pain

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Is it Friday already? Thank godz!!


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Such deflecting and uncertain times… and another creative Soul passes this realm: RIP Richard Wright.

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The Eat Local Challenge has started in our state this past Friday and runs until Sunday. It’s a ripe time within the season to put you money where your mouth and taste buds should be- straight to the source vs mega-agri-biz farms that have monopolized and literally ruined not only the soil and land, but generations of farmers that have tilled the Earth and provided for countess mouths and minds.

Raj Patel’s book Stuffed and Starved and continued efforts are blazing nicely ahead and there is a nice tidbit over at Grist Mill worth the read.

Bonne Appetite!

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.

: Obama & Gamma Rays :

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Between Obama’s oratory delivery on Thursday and a resurgence of Beck I’m giddy with a rather naive sense of possibility for our country’s future (I have been known to drive my loved ones crazy with my optimism… an eternal idealist!)

What I’m having a very difficult time digesting is McCain’s VP selection– pardon my brashness, but WTF?!!  Let’s redirect some of those ‘Gamma Rays’ shall we? Having fallopian tubes that birthed five and touting her qualifications as “hockey Mom” and less than, what twenty months in the Alaskan office, is supposed to make the American voters charmed and overwhelmingly the most ignorant population of all time?! C’mon!

I feel like I’m back in high school dealing with sophmoric behavior and deep immaturity: “if Idon’t win, I’ll be a huge chipmunk-ed-cheek annoyance and distract the bee geezers out of everyone to get them so flustered and distracted they will- again- throw their vote away”.   Well… this just cannot come to pass, and that’s why I’m still a bit worried come November.

On another interesting note, ‘Gamma Ray’ has a couple of versions, the other more Dada-esque and so appealingly Beck (I’m happy to see him back to his creative musical genius, haven’t been this interested since ‘Odelay’).  This particular vid has what is believed to be Thomas Edison’s original 1894 filming with hand colored frames (the later part of the vid/film) which lends itself quite nicely to Beck’s musicality.

Enjoy… and please don’t cave-in by November!

Something Stinks…

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 – Feng Li

In preparation for the upcoming Olympics Pico Iyer has some poignant thoughts to ponder on the ‘One World One Dream’ ideal.


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Nice job Nic!