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Black Mountain Zen Centre

What I love about summer (soon to be… but feelin’ it– isn’t it ‘official’ next week sometime?) is that I can catch up on reading some interesting meanderings and works that I didn’t get the chance to in the past months.  Diggin’ Brad Warner’s Sit Down and Shut Up along with Hardcore Zen:

 The universe is more than just facts- more, even than the sum of all facts that make it up. The universe is meaningful. The universe is meaning- as well as matter. The two are not different… By the same token, the universe may indeed be described as a mere collection of molecules and atoms thrown together more or less at random. But that’s just one side of the coin… Enlightenment does not make anyone morally infalliable. Fuggedaboutit!Enlightenment, if we can even say there is such a thing, comes when you can no longer deceive yourself with the excuse that you didn’t know any better when you do fall off the moral wagon.

Chapter 11 : Evil Is Stupid

Clear, concise and no BS from Mr Warner… I like that.


~ by shantam on June 14, 2008.

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