Holoplanktonic ‘Depression’-


How can I not feel tormented

when I – a middle-aged man – am forced to wait

for my verse to mature

while the world keeps turning in to science fiction.

I’m so numb

that I can’t feel the mobile phone vibrating in my trouser pocket


The box, which at the push of a button

can also serve to entertain,

is vulturously broadcasting the funeral of the President of State.

Viewing figures go up when the camera zooms in on accident-charred


and the meter goes berserk

when the grieving faces of his wife and children appear on the TV


In another country, an earthquake buries three thousand people.

The weight of casualities of war places them mere third.

The computer animation is scratching its head.

Even if we are saved from bird flu by vegetarianism,

from AIDS by sexual abstinence,

and from SARS by becoming homebodies,

we will not escape one-track-mindedness.

I receive an e-mail,

I hope it’s not virus-infected,

saying that the promised land

has just embargoed the import of literature from so-called non-dem

ocratic countries.

Should I start building my musculature in fitness centers?

Should I turn into Super, Action or Spider Man,

so that together we can save the world?

Is this becoming to a poet?

How much virtual decency this indecent world requires?

I’m not sure whether I should give in,

climb the nearest hill

to watch the freshly fallen snow,

or change the channel instead,

that’s why today, my dearest,

I’m so goddamn depressed.

Ales Mustar


Translated from the Slovenian

by Manja Maksimovic

~ by shantam on December 14, 2007.

No Responses Yet to “Holoplanktonic ‘Depression’-”

  1. tsaari,
    did you put the picture and the poem together? good choice. though I am not a poetry person, I liked this one. thanks.

  2. Altereebo-

    Greetings! Oui to the above- I’m really in awe of these marine creatures, with a 600 million yr history and such striking anatomy I couldn’t resist.

    The poem captured the sci-fi-ish-ness of things evolving in our current climate and within human behavior either collaborating with or against the ever-evoling speed of technology, consumerism, etc. I myself would rather watch the snow on a mountaintop- c’est ca.

    Balance in all things…

    Shanti- *t

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