Printmaker Gems at the NY Public Library-

spitbite    The Multiple Interpretations exhibit at the New York Public Library is worth taking a look at.

E.V. Day’s piece above ‘Spitbite’ is intriguing, as well as her other two displayed ‘blueprints’.  Day engages her viewers in a much more complex dialogue beyond the artwork in themes of gender and sexuality, political, female stereotypes, and masculinity/domination. 

In the NYPL’s exhibit, it’s clear she is associating masculnity with the “mastery of man over nature and the conquest of new frontiers through technology”.  And there is some chilling foresight in her ‘Twin Towers’ piece since this collection was completed prior to 9/11.

~ by shantam on December 10, 2007.

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  1. hey Tsaari,
    thanks for pointing out this site. there are real gems there. hopefully, one day, we’ll be in there too 🙂

  2. Salut Altereebo-

    Definitely envious of NYPL’s collection and ability to scope some higher ground in this genre. Our major city public library makes one sneeze with the dusty attempt to display “works of art”- it’s both pathetic and annoyingly limited. Usually stand more positive prospects visiting the university student litho-studio.

    Day’s work immediately grabbed my attention. Kind of like your sketches haunting my past memories… which reminds me, I have to visit your blog and see what’s developing. You’re generating more artistically than I, so me thinks you stand a better chance for future submissions- go for it!

    Best Wishes- *t

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