Parallel Undercurrents-

day 2

 Something keeps pestering me months after watching Theo van Gogh’s ’06/05′-May6th .  Sure, the foreign Dutch docu-drama has all the grab and controversy I would expect of familial lines connected to the revered Mr Vincent.  But there is this peculiar analogous simmering I see unfolding here in the states, and at the same time distinct mirror opposites- the world is changing yet staying the same = stupor, stagnation… fill in the blank.

The film highlights the assassination of the outspoken Dutch politician-“Prime Minister-in-waiting”  Pim Fortuyn by a zealot animal/environmental rights activist and how photojournalist, Jim De Booy gets entangled into the mix.  This would be perhaps enough to keep most audiences gazing.  Some like myself, even more than lightly engaged and questioning- wondering.

And there is so much more to this indi-film piece- circuital ironies, clandestine politics, and the surrerptitious triangulation of Fortuyn, van Gogh, and the ever increasing obscurity of the lightning rod that is Ms Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Theo was no stranger to controversy, creative iconic adulation, and livid abomination by some, especially heightened with the collaborative work done on Submission with Hirsi Ali, that some say was the ultimate nail in his coffin leading to his brutal and horrifying murder while riding his bike though the Dutch neighborhood streets.

I was surprised not to find the amount of discussion and varied review of 06/05 that seemed timely after some years of distance and perspective, but even further jarred at finding myself looking at some current socio-political divides and similarities that some in the US seem almost too comatose to pay attention to.

                            A People that bows to tyrants

                        will lose more than life & belongings

                              Then, the lights will go out.

                                 -H.M. van Randwijk-

~ by shantam on December 6, 2007.

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