It is the sequel

To the earlier dawn of liberation

In the dark backward

And abysm of legendary time,

When the incarnate

Ogrish horror scored

Endless goals of gore

Against humanity;

And the divine power

Turned the tide

Into a victorious sitter

Of triumph

Against the sport of sanguine death

In the field

With a fatal finish.

This dawn awakens

In grateful warmth of heart

To the Lord of Lords,

When every drop

Of water

Is a Ganga of ablution


The grace auspicious


The beaming goddess of largesse

In peak of showers

Swells and smiles


The shriven sin


Contrite bliss of calm,

Hails without gall

The festive morn

Saluting the new linen


The annointed sheen

Of countless souls.

His true self gained,


Basks in universal love




~ by shantam on November 9, 2007.

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