‘Nie Wieder Krieg’ –

Kathe Kollowitz

The countless many hours I know too well spent in the studio, refining litho-plates… the mystery that unfolds with each layer, both physical and mental accomplishments… or failure.

Ms Kollwitzs’ work demands our attention even more at this present time in our history.  Her images were direct personal experiences that she carried with her until the end of her life.  She strived to be genuine within her art, to inspire others to get further involved.  

For some the images and tonal depth of the constant themes of Life & Death, War & Hunger may be too brutal.   But Kathe Kollwitz persued and explored these emotionally charged subjects to also create a space for a renewed sense of action, regeneration, and ultimately- HOPE.


~ by shantam on November 6, 2007.

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