‘Femanifestos’ –

Anne Waldman

 The ever unfolding debates and discussions with the approaching ’08 elections, the ghastly war that marches on, costing us countless millions, trillions.  There is little wonder with the  push to keep everyone cosuming, in debt, too busy, too overworked- the less one may have time to really contemplate what’s being done in our name, the less questioning and answers that have to be honestly given.

I’m taken back to Anne Waldman’s thoughts-  ‘Cautionary Thoughts Manifesto’

Umberto Eco, semiologist-philosopher, reminds us of the three ways cultures clash: the members of Culture A cannot recognize the members of Culture B as human beings (and vice versa), seeing them as “barbarians” to civilize or destroy, which is the Conquest Model.  In the Cultural Pillage Model, Culture A must steal from B and colonize or subjugate politcally or militarily and in that way undermine and usurp the invaded culture.  The Exchange Model is a two-way process of reciprocal support, often “influence” in the best sense and respect.

*Always invoke Model Three.

It is a fact, woefully, that Western culture (European civilization) has been most engaged with the first model–and, as just one example, subjugated African and Amerindian cultures with unmerciful acts of cruelty.  And that now, more particularly America–the richest and most powerful country in the world–the “cop of the world”–acts and has acted with unmitigated and brutal economic self-interest in many parts of the globe.

Because media control (particularly since the American War in Vietnam) Americans do not fully comprehend the damage we have inflicted on Iraq.  And now do not understand the “karma” of that conflict which galvanized so much hatred of the U.S.  Or how the indignities that the Palestinians have suffered in Israel/Palestine have led to such loathing and call for “jihad”…

*Demand comprehensive, intelligent, reliable, and mature media coverage from television. (where most of America & a lot of the world gets its news). Support alternative media. Does it only take a tragedy to subsist from constant pushing of the Market?…

-among other things we need to be collectively working towards.

~ by shantam on November 4, 2007.

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