Pertinacious Radiohead-


There has been a lot of hype swarming around the “pay-what-you-can” downloadable version of RHs’ ‘In Rainbows’ recent release earlier this month- it’s a damn great listening experience if you haven’t yet given it a whirl too!

And while the CEO moguls are getting their fanny’s in a bind over the drop in sales/revenue, Simon Jenkins at The Guardian keeps consice perspective within his commentary piece,  reminding us that in the end, and with the increase of live performance venues, we really would rather see “the real thing over secondhand cyberspace technology”- so not too worry.  And my guess is that RH is none too worried either, it’s never been their point within their art/craft since their musical beginnings.

It’s always uneasy to watch dominating profit-driven motives at work, constantly attempting, like the loner at some god-forsaken party, trying to fit-in so painfully awkward, but yet so determined, for all the wrong reasons.  I’m sure the frenzy over the online download is a bit like that, especially for those unfamiliar with RH- it’s so “new” and “cool”, and everyone is talking about it, writing, posting about it- voila! 

Who cares? RH rock, no matter what version of their musical work they happen to put out there, what about the music itself? Let’s continue on with that discussion, shall we?

Paste Magazine according to Red and Black contributor Whitney Kessler has also been inspired by ‘In Rainbows’ unveiling.  And is offering, for a limited time, a “name-your-price-subscription” in hopes of spiking additional sales and subscribers.  I think Paste Magazine’s efforts are genuine, they are a quality varied genre publication, and perhaps are struggling with such a loss of readership for all the various reasons.  But whom else might be sitting back thinking… hmm- I gotta get onboard that gravy train too.

The age old debate of quality vs quantity, that guy/girl at the party, etc. There is this exemplary evolution RH has demonstrated all throughout their musical undertakings, and if you ever have seen them “live”, you know how authentic, and genuine that experience is.  Sure, they’re artists, and as such, are working their craft, and we pay them for such an experience, but again, if your a RH fan, that’s really not the point.


~ by shantam on November 3, 2007.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more!

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