Oxyrhynchus Remains…

sappho remains

2. Time Eats Poetry

and Sappho sorely suffered from that devoration…

There were many libraries in the ancient world

and libraries are often the victims of war

& the ancient libraries were virtually all rubbed out of the

                                                                        tracks of time

When Ceasar set fire to the fleet in Alexandria’s harbor

the flames accidentally destroyed one of the big libraries

Around 391 AD, Christians destroyed the books in the Serapeum,

another big library in Alexandria

It is alleged that when the Muslims seized Egypt

the ancient manuscripts were used to heat the

                                                          water in the baths

                    They’re not sure today exactly where

                    the Great Library at Alexandria was located.

Though war hates books, poets are sometimes fascinated with it

but you won’t find any talk of war in the

                                                shreds of Sappho,

                                but rather the melodies of love, tenderness, family,

                                partying, arousal, longing, sadness and fun.

Some say that the most beautiful thing

                                         on the darkling earth

is a stroton of horsemen, others a stroton of troops

and yet others a stroton of ships

but to me the most beautiful

           is the one whom someone loves.

~ by shantam on October 27, 2007.

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