Sappho- Fundamentalist Aphroditean


Splender-throned, deathless

love-ploy-plotting Aphrodite,

Daughter of Zeus, I pray to thee…


Sappho, “like many controversial humans, you have to sift through the allegations to isolate the possible truth.”


I think of Sappho often

Her life on little tattered papyrus shreds

or snippets in critics-

Longinus, or Dionysius of Halicarnassus…


and Sappho sorely suffered from that devoration…

and, the only two surviving full poems of Sappho

were saved by two literary writers; one by Dionysius of

Halicarnassus, and the other by the writer named Longinus

                                                                           in their books

What happened to the ancient poems?

Well, you’ll recall that Akhenaton’s name was chipped

away from his monuments deliberately

by those who later opposed his religious innovations.

What the Taliban did

to the rock statues of Buddha recently

the Christians, as they rose to power,

& so-called Barbarian invaders that sacked the

                                                         Roman Empire

and later the Muslims, as they too grabbed hegemony,

tended to do to the ancient manuscripts

They got rid of as much of the multi-deity past as they

could get away with.


~ by shantam on October 20, 2007.

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