Sepulchral Nostalgia…

Joy Division

Funny how the angst of our own adolescence can trigger such tenderness and sentimentality with some age and perspective. 

Anton Corbijn’s Control  “tells a sad story that is also a chronicle of success, and it declines to find an easy moral either in Joy Division’s rapid rise or in it’s lead singer’s early death.  These are things that happened, both on the intimate stage of individual life and in the larger arena of popular culture.  Mr Corbijn…sticks to the human dimensions of the narrative rather than turning out yet another show business fable.”

Control opens this week/end here in the US, and it’s sadly ironic that Ian Curtis’s early suicide back in the ’80’s put an abrupt end to the first American tour they were to embark upon.

~ by shantam on October 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sepulchral Nostalgia…”

  1. We’re off to see this film next week, have you seen it?

  2. Blue… unfortunately it’s not showing in our area as of yet 😦 Just been able to catch the trailers and bits, let me know what you think after seeing it.


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