Pan as the Son of Penelope-

Joanne Kyger

        Refresh my thoughts of Penelope again.

Just HOW

       solitary was her wait?

I notice Someone got to her that

                          barrel chested he-goat prancing

                          around with his reed pipes

is no fantasy of small talk.

More the result of BIG talk

                          and the absence of her husband.

And what a cockeyed lecherous offspring. What a birth

                        THAT must have been. Did she turn away & sigh?

I believe she dreamed too much. Falling into her weaving,

                       creating herself as a fold in her tapestry.

           a flat dimension character of beauty

      keeping one task in mind and letting nothing HUMAN

                                                                      touch her

-which is pretend.

                 She knew what she was doing.


                           of that he grabbed her.

                 Some things keeps escaping me. Something

         about the landing of the husband’s boat upon the


She did not run up and embrace him as I recall.

                        He came upon her at the house & killed the


I  choose to think of her waiting for him

                            concocting his adventures         bringing

                  the misfortunes to him

-she must have had her hands full.

And where did she hide her impudent monster?

He was away by then I suppose in the sunlight leching

                       at some round breasted sheep


     The cock crowing at dawn never had bigger thoughts

                                                                  than she did

   about waking up the world.



~ by shantam on October 10, 2007.

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