Going once, going twice…

ib and hubby             Admittedly, Lucian Freud’s work has always moved me.  I’ve even been so naive to have tried to imitate a likeness, a flavor of his appeal, his real-ness on some of my paintings- so sad an attempt!  

I don’t think there exists currently a portriatist that can compare. His skill, frankness with his subject(s), and ability to capture their honesty, emotion, even the quality of a sense of movement and liveliness; all through his brushstroke.  Quite amazing, really.

$15 mil I don’t have, and even if I did, Christie’s www.artknowledgnews.com/Lucien_Frued_lb_And_Husband.html seems to have suddenly cheapened the moment for me now when I look at Isobel lying with her husband.  That beautiful and wonderfully utilitarian moment Frued took with care to create, every last detail carefully chosen, nothing that may make others cringe for perfection covered over- just the real thing.

What is the price for such a composition, truly? Who benefits from such a transaction, and what is lost more in the process?

         “I could never put anything into a picture that wasn’t

    actually there in front of me.  That would be a pointless lie, a

                                  mere bit of artfulness.”

                                       -Lucien Frued

~ by shantam on October 1, 2007.

No Responses Yet to “Going once, going twice…”

  1. Terrific painting of a couple – wasn’t familiar with it so thanks for telling me about it.

  2. what do you think???
    im untrained and colourblind-both are near completion in these shots



  3. I think YOU have incredible talent- sorry for the dreadful lapse in responding! Congratulations!


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