Pate and cheese or Velveeta?

Diversity     “The point of this book is not that no one should ever feel superior to anyone else or even that no one really is superior to anyone else.  Just the opposite: in taste as in class there is better and worse.  Of course, it hardly matters whether we treat tastes as equal.  But treating classes as if they are too is one of our most effective ways of ignoring an inequality that does matter.  When it comes to economic inequality, we should stop finding ways to ignore it, we should concentrate not on respecting the illusions of cultural difference but on reducing the reality of economic difference.  That is the heart of progressive politics.”   pg203

“Marx used to describe religion as the opium of the people because it promised them in heaven what they couldn’t get on earth.  The American dream is more effective; it assures us that we don’t have to wait for the afterlife.  The poor already have what they haven’t got, and the rich don’t really have what they do.  Everybody’s happy.”  pg197

Food for thought… but I’m skipping on the pate too.


~ by shantam on September 28, 2007.

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