“Passing inspiration on to posterity…”

Since this topic is something I’m indirectly involved with for the moment, (don’t live in Cali, and ironically WI is rather behind within this methodology considering we are an “agricultural state”), and it’s difficult to get the collectives moving to help others, etc. But I have more of a personal involvement, more in terms of healing practices and alternative solutions to complement healing and health… oh, and wine- yes, love it! Take a motivating look into Mr Fetzer’s finery…

http://www.ceago.com then a peek at:


The pat-myself-on-the-back-for-going-green-doing-my-part attitude does beg the conversation, more redirection, towards what “true” organics is today, right in this moment of Whole Foods frenzy, and Farmer Market deluge.

Don’t get me wrong, the focus and demand for better practices, standards, etc. is long overdue. But going through the mindless spending for now another hip thing, without being even slightly awake, and critical of what really lays behind the interest in agri-business, and the marketing/advertising that is working hard to collect your hard earned $$ requires you to get some additional background to keep things in perspective-

“any farm is still a natural ecosystem to be nutured retaining a natural balance”…

Now for some framboise and cheese.



~ by shantam on September 22, 2007.

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